Jamie McGuire ‘Providence’ review

Providence is by New York Times contemporary romance author Jamie McGuire. This paranormal romance story is the first book of The Providence Series. McGuire is also known for her best selling novels Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, and A Beautiful Wedding.

This college romance story starts with the heroine, Nina, dealing with the loss of her father. As she sits at a bus station waiting to return back to Brown University Nina meets a mysterious stranger, Jared Ryel. Jared is gorgeous, charismatic, and seems to keep popping up everywhere Nina tends to be at. Its as if fate keeps putting these two in the same path. It seems too good to be true the coincidence of seeing each other all the time. The connection between Jared and Nina is so much more complicated and stronger than they can understand.

Nina and Jared spend more time with one another and secrets are revealed. Nina finds out that her father’s life was a mystery as people are trying to harm her. Nina is constantly in danger from the wrath of the demons and the humans that have everything to lose because of her father. The demons are relentless in their fight to get what they are searching for. Jared and his family struggle to find a way out that doesn't put Nina in harms way. Now that Nina knows the truth of her father’s past Jared reveals that he is Nina’s guardian angel.

Jared was suppose to stay away from Nina and not reveal his secret. Jared couldn’t fight the love he feels for Nina and is willing to risk anything to keep her in his life. It is a beautiful love story that showcases a unique and addicting story line.Overall Providence is a witty angst paranormal love story that keeps you guessing till the end. It is an entertaining nail biting read that will inspire you to keep reading the series. You can read an excerpt from the book at McGuire’s website.

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