Two cell phone towers collapse, killing three people

On Saturday, a 300-foot cell phone tower collapsed in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Minutes later a smaller tower also fell, killing a total of three people during the incident, one fireman and two contractors, according to Fox News Insider.

Maintenance was being done on the tower’s support when the disaster occurred. Two contractors were attached to the larger tower when it fell.

The fireman was killed walking from his truck to the accident, according to the Associated Press .

One of the contractors who died was more than 60 feet up the tower when it collapsed. The other worker was about 20 feet up.

Two other workers were seriously injured as a result of the fallen towers and were taken to the hospital, however two other contractors at the site were not injured.

SBA Communications owned the towers and had hired the contractors from S&S Communications to take the taller tower’s diagonal supports off and replace them. The smaller tower collapsed as a result of the excess weight put on the guide wires after the taller tower fell.

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