Top 10 kid-friendly Valentine's Day crafts

Don’t know what to do with your kid on Valentine’s Day? No problem!

There’s no shortage of crafts when you’ve got these amazing, cutesy crafts that bring smiles and fun for the whole family. Join your kids in crafting bees, decorating owls, icing minions and even making bath bombs.

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There’s a craft for everyone in the family. Mom can have her bath bomb and Dad can have his Pixy Stix arrows. Kids can have fun with all sorts of animals from owls to bees. Even huggable characters such as Frozen’s Olaf and Despicable Me’s minions can cheer the kids’ day. And if you’re stuck for supplies, look around the house. Sometimes things as common as toilet paper rolls can be reused and glittered to make this holiday extra special.

Making homemade Valentines can bring the family together. Whether you’re tracing hearts, baseballs or Cupid’s arrows, you’re always in luck when you’ve got these crafts to cheer your day! Besides, there’s nothing more special than to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone.

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