Top 10 Clay Aiken singles

Clay Aiken has his eyes on politics currently before he became a congressional hopeful, he was an unknown vocalist who auditioned for Fox’s new reality TV show, American Idol. Aiken is now planning a run for Congress in North Carolina. With his likable personality and amazing voice, it is no surprise that Aiken is now picturing himself in politics.

Aiken has released many studio albums since taking second place on American Idol and has even been on a co-headline tour with Kelly Clarkson, the Idol alumni is no stranger to fame and fans. Even now in 2014, Aiken still has a group of fans who are dedicated and diehard. Even though he never had a superstar music career, he has done well on the music charts and with his core fans. From songs like “Invisible,” to “The Way” they have become fan favorites. is counting down the top ten Clay Aiken singles. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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10. Always and Forever

Aiken’s first audition for American Idol is still memorable today. It is incredible to see Aiken’s physical transformation and to remember how his voice sounded the first time America heard it.

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9. This is The Night

Also featured on his debut album and was performed on Idol “This is the Night” showed America what kind of musician Aiken was going to be and how beautiful his voice and vocal range could be.

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8. Measure A Man

This single from Aiken has many meanings and was featured on his debut album. It showed the power that Aiken had as a vocalist and showed that he could handle an epic song that had sweeping vocals, without any trouble.

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7. Solitaire

Another memorable Aiken performance on Idol was “Solitaire” which was released as a single in its own right following the show.

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6. These Open Arms

Aiken found success in the music industry taking on classic singles and make them his own, very much like he did on Idol. Fans wanted new music from Aiken but enjoyed this cover album.

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5. A Thousand Days

This incredible single from Aiken features his soaring vocal range and became an instant fan favorite.

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4. On My Way Here

This is another emotional and powerful song from Aiken that showed even years after his Idol win he was still a musician to be watched.

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3. Bridge Over Trouble Waters

One of his last performances on Idol, Aiken made headlines and shocked the viewing audience when he hit an amazing and high note at the end of his “Bridge Over Trouble Waters,” performance.

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2. The Way

Also featured on his debut album, “The Way” was a great follow up single from “Invisible” from Aiken. It featured his smooth vocals and showed that he could hit a variety of notes, from high to low.

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1. Invisible

The first major single to be released by Aiken was “Invisible” and it featured his incredible vocal range and became an instant fan favorite.

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