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Christina Aguilera has been in the music scene since the late 90’s and has now made the news recently after announcing her second pregnancy with fiancée, Matthew Rutler. Christina has a six-year old son, Max, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

In 1999, her biggest hits were Genie in a Bottle, Come On Over, and What A Girl Wants, reaching number one on the Billboard charts. Her debut album, Christina Aguilera was mostly pop, with plenty of songs about love for the teens out there who loved her music.

In 2002, Aguilera came out with her next album, Stripped, showcasing a sexier side with raunchy, yet empowering lyrics. Songs like her hit Beautiful focused on the inner beauty of yourself, and many of her songs have elements about listening to yourself or knowing who you are inside.

While Aguilera’s next few albums weren’t as successful as her previous ones, she did make a comeback in the form of acting as celebrity judge on The Voice.

To celebrate the joyous occasion for Aguilera and her fiancée, as well as son, Max, is counting down ten of her top videos for the singles she released. If your favorite is not on the list, tell us below which videos you like the most!

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10. Come On Over

One of her debut songs off of Christina Aguilera, “Come on Over” reached number one on the Billboard charts. The video is bright and colorful, with green, white, and gold backgrounds juxtaposed against amazing dance choreography and the usual outfits that dominated music videos back in the 90’s.

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9. So Emotional

Another song off of her debut album, “So Emotional” is a fun song to listen to. Plus, the video is so simple, just showing Christina in a casual outfit recording the song in the studio. It gives an intimate picture of what it’s like to record a song and the simplicity of the video makes it easy to get into the song.

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8. Can’t Hold Us Down

This song was off of Aguilera’s Stripped album and deals with the double standards of how women are viewed based on what they wear. Featuring Lil’ Kim, the video for “Can’t Hold Us Down” is upbeat and the song has a good rhythm.

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7. Lady Marmalade

This song was off of the Moulin Rouge film soundtrack and featured Lil’ Kim, Pink, and Mya. Featuring sexy outfits, a beautiful theater-like backdrop, and powerful vocals, the video for “Lady Marmalade” is elegant and sensual.

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6. Reflection

Another song off a movie soundtrack, “Reflection” was from the film, Mulan. In the video, Aguilera is seen surrounded by beautiful scenery, including a body of water and a room surrounded by candles. Scenes from the film are a backdrop against the video, giving it a surreal view of the song’s tone about finding who you are inside.

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5. I Turn To You

Yet another amazing song off of Christina Aguilera, “I Turn To You” is about looking to someone to keep them safe and needing them for support to stay strong. Christina is seen singing in front of a microphone before walking in the rain with an umbrella, and on a rooftop. The video’s storyline follows a young woman getting into an accident, with her mother worriedly waiting for word on where she is at the late hour. The video ends with the girl being given the support she needs. This song is very moving and powerful, with the video making it even stronger.

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4. The Voice Within

This moving song off of Christina’s Stripped talks about learning to trust your own voice when you need help finding your way. The video is toned down and simple, done all in black and white with Christina all by herself. The song’s focus is on finding your own voice and the simple, beautiful video sets the tone for the meaning of the lyrics.

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3. Hurt

This song is very emotional, especially for anyone who has ever lost someone. “Hurt” is off of Christina’s Back To Basics and tells the story of regret after losing a loved one. In the video, Christina is a famous circus performer, who gets tragic news about her father’s passing. It shows her feelings regarding the loss and her heartbreak over not making things right. This song affected me deeply and it is a moving piece that captures the raw emotions one feels in this situation.

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2. Fighter

This song is also off of Christina’s Stripped and captures the feelings one has about becoming stronger in the face of lies and deceit. The video is very interesting, and different from anything Christina has done before. With elaborate costumes and a dark setting as the backdrop, the video is really neat and fun to watch.

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1. Beautiful

Another song from Stripped, “Beautiful” is an empowering ballad about being beautiful in your skin no matter who you are. The video shows different people of all backgrounds, including a girl staring at her reflection, two men kissing, and a girl being bullied by a group of girls. It showcases the powerful narrative about despite what others think, you are beautiful on the inside and no one can say otherwise.

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