Top 10 Born Ruffians songs

The Born Ruffians are a Canadian Indie-rock group. They formed in Midland, Ontario in 2004. Members include Luke Lalonde (guitar/vocals), Andy Lloyd (guitar/keyboard), Mitch Derosier (bass), and Steven Hamelin (drums). Starting out small in Canada, the band performed locally until moving to Toronto. Thanks to growing Internet success, the band was signed to Warp Records. In 2006 they were able to release their self-titled EP album. Their first album, Red, Yellow, & Blue was nominated in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for Pop/Rock album of the year. They’ve toured with such artists as Franz Ferdinand, Peter Bjorn and John, and The Temper Trap. Paper Bag Records released the bands recent album “Birth Marks” on April 16th, 2013.

With such a unique sound its no wonder the Born Ruffians have been met with such success. Whether you’ve been a fan from the start or have never even heard of the band, we‘ve put together this top 10 list of their greatest songs to date.

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#10: “Retard Canard”
This song is track #2 on the bands second album Say It. The song utilizes a unique form of voice distortion that the band is most noted for. With opening lines “I just want to set the world on fire.” The song is a great opening to their album, but also stands well on its own. This song is for those who just can’t seem to figure life out, but you need to die trying.

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#9: “Nova Leigh”
At number 9 comes “Nova Leigh”, also from the album Say It. Unlike the previous song, “Nova Leigh” is much softer with less emphasis on vocals. The song is high energy and fun.

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#8: “Hummingbird”
“Hummingbird”, at number 3, is one of the bands greatest songs. Fast, high energy, and lots of fun, the song quickly gets even the most stubborn pumped up. The song balances the music and vocals skillfully.

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#7: “Needle”
“Needle” is unlike most of the bands other songs. With a very slow opening, the song sings to the displeased. All about not fitting in or meeting your own expectations, the song is a beautiful example of the need for acceptance. The song places more emphasis on the vocals than the average Born Ruffians song, but with its message of love, its easy to see why.

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#6: “I Need A Life”
At number 6, “I Need a Life.” This song is great when you’re feeling down or left out. The song wonderfully portrays depression and rising hope. Everyone at some point has felt like they need a life, and the Born Ruffians song of the selective hermit is the perfect song to describe it. With its uplifting swing and party like attitude, the song offers something for all music fans.

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#5: “Skeleton Me”
“Skeleton Me” captures listeners immediately. The song quickly jumps into the various ways to commit suicide, and why to do it. However, the song is far from depressing. Despite its topic of loneliness, the song features exceptionally beautiful lyrics and music. And as always the band is able to put their own positive twist on even the darkest topics.

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#4: “Little Garcon”
At number 4 comes “Little Garcon”. This song was actually featured in an American Express commercial in April of 2011. Happy and simple, the song is fun and lighthearted. Featuring beautiful vocals and the bands signature sound, this is one of their most upbeat and popular songs.

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#3: “Sole Brother”
“Sole Brother” makes it into the top 3, to no surprise. There are few songs with the cool air that “Sole Brother” is able to give off. The song has a clear narrative, unlike many of the bands songs, which can be open to interpretation. This song is all about the burdens of being a son, and the responsibilities that younger siblings are never exposed to. The song is full of soul and is rightfully in the top of our list.

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#2: “Hedonistic Me”
Coming in at number 2, is “Hedonistic Me.” Honestly, what can be better than a song about hedonism? The song has strong folk undertones both in the music and lyrics. “Hedonistic Me” paints hedonism in a very positive light, focusing on honesty, work, and family. The bands own version of hedonism, the song is great for days you want to relax and forget about the stresses of your life.

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#1: “What to Say”
At Number 1 we have the bands single, “What to Say.” An interesting and unique sound, the song is simultaneously aggressive and smooth. The song also depicts the life long struggle of simply not knowing what to say. A well done, almost 80’s inspired video, the song exemplifies the smooth sound of the Born Ruffians.

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