Jackson Harris releases 'Sharks and Vampires' EP

Jackson Harris has recently released an EP, “Sharks and Vampires.” This extended playlist is fun, relatable, and all about LOVE.
From a young age, Harris knew he wanted to focus on music.
Harris has a way of incorporating melodies that fit perfect with the themes of the song. Every new song I put on, I wanted to listen to the entire thing.
Two songs, “Come Back Down To Earth,” and “Down With the Ship,” talk about being in a relationship. The lyrics, “Nothing but the stars and the moon and you and me,” and “Cause we’re off to the sea just you and me,” show Harris’s romantic side. He even alludes to the Titanic in “Down With the Ship,” saying, “You said Jack I’ll never let go…When you’re lost at sea, I’ll go down with the ship.” Everything about these songs kept me captivated to the album. They’re precious and sweet, two characteristics many girls look for in men.
Other songs, such as “Growin’ Up To Do,” remind us that Harris is still young and has a lot more in life to experience. He says, “We’ll make out on my couch like we did when we were 15…I’d rather be here next to you.”
One song that especially stood out to me was “Miss Me.” You could really hear Harris’ vocal range and ability. The message of the question, “Do you miss me like I miss you?” is one of the most relatable aspects of this song. It makes me miss Harris and I don’t even know him!

Songs to check out: “Come Back Down to Earth,” “Ready or Not,” and “Miss Me”

He will soon be touring with Cher Lloyd!

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