Gtech AirRam

It's almost time for spring cleaning. To get a deep cleaning on your carpets every time you vacuum, use the Gtech AirRam.

The Gtech AirRam is a cordless, bagless vacuum that works on all floor surfaces. Using the AirRam doesn't only clean, but it also helps you stay in shape. Connect it to your PC via the USB and it measures how many calories you burned while cleaning. It also tells you how much electricity you saved by using the AirRam.

The AirRam is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner. It weighs about half of a traditional vacuum. Unlike other cordless appliances, the AirRam is long lasting and able to vacuum a 2,000 square foot area without losing any of its suction power. Plus its low profile enables you to clean easily under tables and chairs, saving you time on moving furniture around.

And because it's bagless you don't have to worry about making a mess swapping out bags. Simply open the container and dump its contents into the trash.

Get the AirRam for $349.95 at

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