CNN anchor Carol Costello confronts Atlanta officials after disastrous snow storm response

CNN anchor, Carol Costello was very unhappy with the way officials responded to the emergency weather situation in Atlanta, Georgia, Wednesday after drivers were stuck on highways for hours and some students had to stay at school over night due to the unsafe road conditions. Pointing to her frustration, Costello harshly interviewed Matthew Kelmeyer, the director of Atlanta’s emergency management agency reported < a href=> The Huffinton Post .
"I'm just expressing the frustration of a city, as a person who was stuck in traffic for hours and hours and hours," Costello told Kelmeyer as the CNN headquarters in in downtown Atlanta. Kelmeyer later pointed to many hospitals and trauma faculties that had “no problem,” to which Costello responded with, "You had over 1,000 traffic accidents. A woman had a baby inside of her car. There are school children still trapped on school buses on the highway. Right now, 18 hours after it started snowing. A lot of people would say that's unconscionable.”
In another uncomfortable interview, Costello, questioned Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed for his actions, by beginning the interview with, “You know how angry people are at you?”
Reed maintained calm throughout the interview acknowledging that people were frustrated but he didn’t think they were mad at him reported Newsmax .

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