The Big Bright - 'I Slept Thru the ’80s' album review

They take your favorite '80s classics, recycle them, slow them down and then release them into the world as dreamy vintage renewals. Brooklyn-based trio The Big Bright makes fresh, dreamy and celestial new wave nocturnes that will lull you to sleep.

The collaboration of Glenn Patscha and Fiona McBain of Americana music group, Ollabelle and neo-noir singer/songwriter Liz Tormes has resulted in a hauntingly beautiful full-length album titled I Slept Thru the ’80s.

The album features 14 tracks that will make a perfect soundtrack for every nostalgic soul. It is a fine blend of your favorite 80s songs, so masterfully covered and revived that they are not a reflection, but the reinterpretation of their originals.

The three soothing, breathy and mellow voices of Patscha, McBain and Tormes create a new atmosphere and breathe a life into the songs that we love so much.

So what can you hear on I Slept Thru the ’80s?

You can hear the guitar and drums-driven “Don’t Change” by INXS, get a slowed-down, acoustic guitar treatment. The same goes for Duran Duran’s new wave track “The Chauffeur.” The Cure’s upbeat “Just Like Heaven” is reborn as a lullaby composed of overlapping acoustic guitar, piano and breathy, saccharine vocals accompanied by angelic back up vocals and all topped of with sentimental violins. The Bangles’ vivacious “Walk Like an Egyptian” has been transformed into a sentimental piano-driven ballad that leaves a lingering sense of wistfulness. Echo & the Bunnymen echoing new wave ballad “Ocean Rain” has been transformed into a dreamy piano ballad, accompanied by angelic and gentle vocals. Robert Palmer’s synth and drums-driven “Johnny and Mary” has been reinvented as a slowed down lullaby composed of piano, acoustic guitar and ethereal vocals. Depeche Mode’s electric “Never Let Me Down Again” got its acoustic guitar and Tears for Fears’ “Change” its piano treatment. Yazoo’s cheerful and playful, synthesizer-driven “Only You” has been transformed as an acoustic guitar ballad with airy vocals that create a sense of pensiveness. Ray Davies’ (The Kinks) “I Go To Sleep” ballad that was covered by The Pretenders and Sia, now got a new life as a light nocturnal ballad. The Alan Parsons Project’s synth, guitar and drums dominated “Eye In The Sky” got a whole new attitude with tender vocals and poignant piano. The album also includes an instrumental track “Le Petit Papillon” that features a piano accompanied by lulling and radiant vocal and is a transition to the second half of the album. The album is perfectly wrapped up with a second sweet piano track “My Baby.”

Overall, I Slept Thru the '80s is an ethereal compilation of adult lullabies that in an innovative and majestic way makes the listener drift into a nostalgic 80s dream. Highly recommended!

Listen to I Slept Thru the '80s here!

Watch and listen to The Big Bright's cover of Yazoo's "Only You!"


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