Mary Fahl releases 'Love and Gravity'

Singer-songwriter, Mary Fahl has released her latest album Love and Gravity. The album features a very full and unique sound that showcases Fahl.

Fahl first rose to fame as the lead singer and co-founder of the mid-1990s folk based adult alternative group, October Project. Fahl expanded beyond the band and started to work on her solo career back in 2001.

On her solo projects, Fahl has a few clear musical influences that surround her sound. Influences include, classical, medieval and pop. She has released many albums as a solo artist but this one feels different.

This album has a very strongly produced sound and highlights Fahl's voice which has a transcendent and beautiful tone. The instrumentals have a strong folk influence and a hint of pop music.

The sound might be to different for fans of most pop music that is heard on the radio today, but this album does have musicianship and a true voice and direction. It is refreshing to change up musical listening every so often.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "How Much Love," "Both Sides Now" and "Meant To Be."

Fahl is currently gearing up for her Love and Gravity tour.

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