Kernel Seasons

Popcorn is a great treat for any time of the year, especially when watching football on Thanksgiving. Give popcorn a burst of flavor with Kernel Seasons.

Developed by Brian Taylor in 1999 while still in college, Kernel Seasons has expanded to include a wide variety of flavors from butter to kettle corn, and white cheddar to Buffalo wing seasoning.

Kernel Seasons isn't just for popcorn. It can be used to add a boost of flavor to pasta, meats, and vegetable dishes too.

Include Kernel Seasons at your Thanksgiving table with these fun turkey leg place settings.

To keep the kids entertained, have them construct paper turkey legs filled with flavored popcorn and fun little trinkets for place settings. Children can then find their seats and enjoy opening up the paper favors to see their surprise. The popcorn is a light appetizer to hold them over until mealtime and the toys will keep them happily occupied. No need to limit these place settings to just the kiddie table, feel free to make adult versions as well.

Tools and Ingredients:
Freshly popped popcorn
Kernel Season’s™ Popcorn Seasonings (choose your favorite flavors)
Letter stickers
Paper lunch bags
White scrapbooking paper
Glue stick
Optional: Thanksgiving trinkets, candy, adult favors, etc.

Pop popcorn according to instructions on packaging. Use Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning to add some flavor. Cut a paper lunch bag and fill with the popcorn. As an option you can also fill with little toys and candies. Make certain that they are non-toxic as they will be mixed in with the popcorn. Cut a bone shape out of white scrapbooking paper. Use glue to adhere opening of bag to paper bone. Allow to dry, then use sticker letters to spell out each guest’s name. Place paper turkey on each plate as a place setting.. These turkey paper legs are a cinch to make and such a festive addition to Thanksgiving dinner.

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