Holiday Guide - Passback Football

This was my son's first official football season; and as such, he has a lot to learn. The Passback Football by by Passback Sports was the perfect training tool! This ball looks like half of a football with a flat bottom. Here is how this works: The flat side allows athletes (for the youth ball 6+) to practice their throwing and catching; and without anyone with them. You hold the ball as you would hold any other football and throw the ball against a wall. It will bounce back to you with ease. It really works; it rebounded right back to my son. It is single-handedly building his confidence more and more each day.

Passback Sports Inc. was founded in 2013 and its goal to bring exciting training products. The Passback football is already being used in Youth, High School, College and NFL Football Programs. In two short weeks, I truly saw a difference in my own child's hand-eye coordination, strength and reaction time. These are among the items the Passback Football is designed to work on.

Passback Sports also markets products for baseball, basketball, heated clothing as well as kinesiology tape. As a football mom (not so much a football fan) I found the training videos on the website so perfect. They provide tips and regimes that helped us create a kind of daily throwing program for our child.

The passback football is perfectly affordable at $19.95 for the youth ball and $29.95 for the Official Composite Training ball. Please visit their website for more information and to purchase products.
Make sure you check out their blogs and training tips; like I said they truly helped my son improve his speed and strength - a noticeable difference within 2 week's time!

You can also access them on Facebook ( as well as twitter, youtube (plenty of training videos and suggestions) and pinterest.

This training tool is revolutionary and will truly be an asset to schools, programs and pros!

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