Ellie Goulding music video for 'How Long Will I Love You'

The latest video from international pop sensation Ellie Goulding was taken from the forthcoming short film, Tom & Issy. The film will be directed by Roger Michell and stars Goulding herself and Dylan Edward.

The music video for “How Long Will I Love You,” is taken from the film and has been converted for the music video. The video features Goulding performing the single and interactions with Edward and Goulding. Both Edward and Goulding look beautiful and honest in the video. The video feels like the audience just dropped in on a couple that is very much in love.

Goulding is a very talented vocalist but this video shows off her care free and fun side. Goulding looks like the girl next door that also happens to be a musical superstar.

The video is cute, real and not over the top, which matches the song completely.

Watch “How Long Will I Love You,” right here.

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