Chrome Cats - 'Best Life' Single Review

Korland “KJ” Sims and Jamila “Mila” Sims, better known as Chrome Cats are brother and sister duo that combines the best of both worlds to create their highly addictive music.

He is a rapper and a skilled lyricist; she is a gentle, sweet voice that makes their songs so catchy. Together they are unstoppable and ready to revolutionize the hip-hop and pop scene, while they’re climbing the music charts.

Originating from Vallejo, CA the duo has moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where they have shaped their unique sound. They have started singing together after a suggestion from their mother and they are an inseparable duo since. It would be really hard to imagine one without the other, because their voices complement each other’s so well and as the performers they are radiating together.

KJ has said that, “we understand each other and when one of us creates a vision for a song it clicks in the other one so quickly. Plus, when I’m inspired by a beat or a lyric I can find Jamila in the other room ready to knock it out with me”.

After releasing their Rise EP (2010) and Flight To Paradise (2013) album, as well as a number of singles, including “DNA of a Winner,” which got them a spot on Billboard Indicator Charts, the duo has now released their “Best Life” single.

“Best Life” is an upbeat, playful, energetic track with a dominant beat accompanied by KJ’s clever lyrics and Mila’s saccharine vocals that make this song so irresistible. It is a true party anthem and a true feel-good song in every sense. There is no way you’re getting away without being infected by this positive energy that will turn your grin upside down.

“Best Life” will keep its listener wanting to hear more from Chrome Cats. So watch them “soar right into life” and towards stardom.

Watch the video for “Best Life” here!

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