Blockbuster closing last surviving US stores

As a child growing up in the 1990s, the video store Blockbuster was always an exciting place, a treasure trove of great movies. Others from my generation would agree that this video store holds a lot of fond memories. But now it'll be as gone and as outdated as the videocassettes that used to line its walls.

Blockbuster will be closing their remaining 300 retail stores and mailing services across the country. This announcement was released on Wednesday by Joseph P Clayton, the president and CEO of Blockbuster's parent company Dish Network Corporation. According to, The Dish Network bought Blockbuster in 2011 after the formerly successful video store chain filed for bankruptcy in 2010. According to Clayton, the stores will be closed by January 2014 and the Blockbuster mailing service will end in mid-December.

Despite this devastating shutdown, says that the future of Blockbuster is not completely bleak and will live on in digital form. The company will be bringing itself into the 21st century with online movie rentals on Blockbuster on Demand, where as well as Blockbuster @ Home from the Dish Network, which allows you to stream 15 movies channels directly to your TV, computer or iPad.

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