Sainthood Herbs Product Review

I was recently given a complementary sample of two Sainthood Herbs products for review. The first, Mental Agility, is part of the boost series and is a combination of American ginseng, polygala, turmeric, and ginkgo, designed to enhance cognitive performance by improving working memory and supporting attention.

I can't remember where my keys are on a good day and I routinely leave the house without my phone, wallet, and house keys. And that was before I had kids! Now that I have kids it's nothing short of a miracle if I make it out of the house with all three of us and some diapers. Needless to say I was in need of a mental agility boost! Unfortunately though when of the main ingredients is American ginseng which is contra indicated while breast-feeding.

Luckily my husband was more than willing to step in and try them out for me. While not the scatterbrain that I am he too could use some help with his memory.

So, now that he has taken these supplements for about a month he says that he does feel more focused. He is in the midst of starting a new business and juggling lots of activities and while I still have to remind him of certain things I feel as though he is following through better than usual.

Another problem common to new moms, myself being no exception, is stress and lack of sleep. Between juggling work, family schedules, and having two kids under the age of three I don't think I had a full nights sleep in the past three years. Stress and Sleep- part of the solution series- is said to help reduce stress by inducing relaxation. A proprietary blend of Cyracos (Lemon balm extract), Chinese mint, silk tree bark, and jujube seed, Stress and Sleep is designed to help reduce stress through adequate sleep.

Lemon balm is an herb from the mint family known for its calming properties. Unfortunately it is also known for decreasing milk supply and therefore I also couldn't take it while continuing to breast feed.

My husband again was a willing guinea pig and I can attest he has been my sleeping much better since starting this. He is under a lot of stress with work and would toss and turn most nights. I have noticed he appears to be sleeping much more deeply, and if my needing to wake him after the kids are up is any indication- this supplement certainly works!

A small, consumer focussed company based in California, Sainthood Herbs produces 7 different condition specific herbal formulations. None of their products contain GMO's, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, sugar, or artificial ingredients and the cost for a monthly supply ranges from $22.95-31.95.

I think it is important to note that caution should always be used when pregnant or breast-feeding and taking dietary supplements. The manufactures point this out on the bottle, which is what prompted me to check into it. I will be weaning soon and am looking forward to checking these out for myself!

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