Ryan Problems & The Solutions releases 'Please Stop Cryin'

Ryan Problems & The Solutions describe their music as a country-fried folk/punk sound that is completed with an acoustic guitar and harmonicas. Ryan Problems & The Solutions just released their latest record Please Stop Cryin’.

The record takes on an interesting approach to the common genre of indie/folk music. The instrumentals are strong and keep the vibe of being driven by those common musical influences in focus. The downside to Please Stop Cryin’ is the lack of vocal range. Lead singer, Ryan Problems, shows his vocal range and style within the first two tracks on Please Stop Cryin’ but doesn’t push himself beyond that.

Halfway through Please Stop Cryin’ the songs start to feel similar but a few songs really standout on the album including, “Please Stop Cryin’,” “I Know The Feeling” and “Glad You’re Leaving.” Ryan Problems & The Solutions do better when they are focusing on an upbeat tempo that showcases their acoustic guitar playing and harmonica use. This blending of instruments works well on the album.

Ryan Problems & The Solutions show that they have a sold influence and as a band they have clearly moved forward in the indie/folk direction. The album is interesting to listen and does provide a slight twist on the indie rock genre that bands like Mumford and Sons and The Naked and Famous have brought into focus. With a few improvements and a stronger vocal range, Ryan Problems & The Solutions would have a record that would stand out in this genre.

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