'Business Casual' is the latest from We Are Scientists

Business Casual is the appropriately named new EP released by indie-rockers, We Are Scientists. This EP follows their 2010 release, Barbara, the band’s fourth album featuring the singles Rules Don’t Stop and I Don’t Bite.

The current band lineup is vocalist Keith Murray, bassist, Chris Cain and Andy Burrows on drums. Those not familiar with the band may be familiar with one of their songs however. After Hours, from the 2008 album, Brain Thrust Mastery proved to be one of the band’s biggest hits in the U.S.

Their new EP communicates well within the span of its five songs. Even with the up tempo of opener, Dumb Luck, We Are Scientists make you feel right at ease. This seems to be the formula behind their latest work. The guys of We Are Scientists, or W.A.S., have created a balance between the business of engineering a different sound while managing to create a stripped down, completely effortless – casual - listening experience.

Return the Favor, Courage and the song Good Answer - which seems to follow the theme of letting go, rounds out the EP. Business Casual transports listeners to a different place. You’ll swear you’re somewhere along the coast joining the band for a seaside performance.

The guys of We Are Scientists go on to provide their fans with an unexpected cover of Take My Breath Away, by Berlin. W.A.S. does not stray far from the original. The song is essentially left intact with elements such as the drawl of guitars being heavily played up. Listeners will find Murray’s voice competing with rifts and beats until they culminate into the conclusion of the EP.

Business Casual is a departure from early We Are Scientists and could take time to adjust to, but it works. The band has granted listeners access to their world of mellow, which leaves you with good vibes long after the songs are over.

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