Celebrity Philanthropist – Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is usually criticized for her cold demeanor, but the Twilight star donated $500,000 to charity, after a Middle Eastern prince gave her the money in exchange for a mere 15 minutes of her time.

Harvey Weinstein recently shared the story in an interview with The New York Times. Initially, Stewart was skeptical to agree to speak with the unnamed prince and asked Weinstein how much he was willing to donate. After some negotiating, Weinstein was able to persuade the prince to pledge $500,000 towards a Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

Us Weekly reports that the donation was sent in cash prior to the meeting at Madison Square Garden, where Weinstein hosted a Hurricane Sandy relief concert. The meeting was brief, but cost the prince a cool $33,333 a minute.

This odd exchange wasn’t the first time Stewart has used her fame for good. She’s donated autographed clothing and jewelry to charity in the past and hopes to one day open a halfway house for sex-trafficking runaways.

Stewart believes that the wealthy shouldn’t sit on their money, but should instead give back to the community. Given her advocacy for charitable work, maybe the public needs to reassess its negative impression of the young starlet.

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