Top 10 Memorable Moments with Cristina Yang

The new season of Grey's is approaching and with it, new interns, new drama and another chapter in the lives of the doctors we've grown to know and love. Looking back at season one, it's hard to believe everything that has happened. Only a fraction of the original cast remains, but those that are still around are as strong as ever.

Next to Meredith and Alex, Cristina is one of the longest-lasting characters on Grey's. She started as a overly-competitive intern and has grown into the best cardiothoracic surgeon the hospital has. She has survived plane crashes, bomb threats and Burke to get where she is now. All-in-all Cristina is an integral part of the hospital. There would not be a Grey Sloan Memorial or a Mer-Der or anything at all if it wasn't for Dr. Yang. Here are some of our favorite Cristina moments over the course of the series:

10. When Cristina ends up on Peds rotation
In this memorable scene from “I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me” (Season 6) we’re treated to Cristina’s special brand of humor and attitude towards children when Meredith mistaken remarks, “Nice pin.”
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9. When Cristina tries to compliment Izzie
When Callie challenges Izzie to a fight in “The Heart of the Matter” (Season 4) but the whole thing ends up to be a miscommunication, Cristina is quick to console her friend’s “ghetto fabulous” fighting skills in this scene.
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8. When Cristina sets Owen straight
“Have You Seen Me Lately?” (Season 8) has one of the most touching scenes between Cristina and Owen, in which she yells, “Be my freakin’ person.” It’s usually a Meredith line, but in this scene it really drives Yang’s point home.
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7. When Cristina gets a question right
Cristina standing up in the middle of Bailey’s lecture in “The Time Warp” (Season 6) and demanding the reward, a piece of candy, is one of the moments in which we get to see Yang as both smart and funny.
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6. When Cristina hip bumps Izzie
We see a touch of physical comedy when Cristina and Izzie jostle for dibs on a patient as they race across the hospital in this scene from “Winning a Battle, Losing a War” (Season 1).
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5. When Cristina decides she hates me
This scene from “Sympathy for the Parents” shows how casually the weight Meredith’s “Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning” comment is offset by Cristina’s attitude towards “really stupid“ men.
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4. When Cristina makes breakfast
Cristina dance-offs are a trademark of her character and are only bettered by her attempt to make breakfast in “Love, Loss and Legacy” (Season 8)
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3. When Cristina goes to Thanksgiving
Cristina makes the holidays a little more memorable with her blunt refusal to salvage Izzie’s attempts at a Thanksgiving dinner in “Thanks For the Memories” (Season 2).
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2. When Cristina calls out George
Cristina and George rarely interacted, but in this glorious scene from “The First Cut is the Deepest” (Season 1), Yang offers him some sound advice that is as funny as it is accurate.
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1. When Cristina calls Meredith from Minnesota
The only thing better than Meredith’s long well-crafted monologue in “Remember the Time” is Cristina’s response of, “You are my person. You will always be my person” (Season 9).
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