Search continues for body of Zion infant who was murdered and thrown into a trash can

Police continue a massive manhunt in a Zion landfill for the 5-month-old infant who was killed by his mother’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Demetries Thorpe, and then thrown into a trash bin.

Wednesday at 8 a.m. the mother of 5-month-old Joshua Summeries reported him missing. Thorpe allegedly told her that someone had reached into their window and snatched the baby. He fled and was finally found by police Saturday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Thorpe admitted to police that he put his hand over the baby’s mouth while he was crying until he stopped breathing.

He then put the infant’s body in a backpack and threw it in a trash bin outside of his girlfriend’s home. A surveillance camera captured Thorpe watch as a garbage truck came and emptied the bin, Examiner reports.

Residents of the town complained that police should be searching everywhere for the infant and not just concentrating on a landfill. The residents were not aware that the surveillance video captured Thorpe throwing the child into a trash bin.

Police are still searching for the infant’s body in the landfill that the contents of the trashcan were taken too. Thorpe was charged with first-degree murder and held on $5 million bond Saturday.

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