Ryan Star - 'Animals' EP

Ryan Star is one of the artists you root for, that you can’t really understand why they haven’t become mainstream. His new EP “Animals” will hopefully change all that.

Probably best remembered as the “Dark Horse” from the reality competition Rock Star Supernova, Ryan Star has actually been in the music business for most of his life. Starting his own band Stage at age 14, releasing 4 EPs under that name, then releasing an EP and an album as a solo artist all before vying for the job as lead singer for the Gilby Clarke and Tommy Lee led band. Releasing the critically acclaimed “11:59” in 2010, his first full length album on a major label, which spawned a few notable singles including “Breathe” which was featured on a variety of TV shows, as well as “Brand New Day” which served as the theme song for the Fox show “Lie To Me”.

Where “11:59” was more pop driven, I believe the hardcore Ryan Star fans will be happier with his new EP “Animals”, a much slower paced, alternative/indie record where he gets back to the “Dark Horse” so many of us first became fans of. Brooding and self reflective throughout these 5 songs, probably the best of the bunch would have to be “Impossible”, which, smartly, is the first single off the album. The chorus lyrics “I didn’t mean to make you suffer/I didn’t mean to make you cry/I just want to put this back together/This isn’t impossible” could be the modern-day soundtrack to break-ups all over the world. The personal and somewhat electronic “Fukn Up” showcases his vulnerability in his songwriting and lyrics, following a deeply personal (I can only imagine) relationship in all its many stages, painting a movie-like storyline throughout.

Ryan Star’s self-produced “Animals” is an album I root for and believe really deserves to be heard and listened to. The EP really shows how much he has grown and matured into a gifted storyteller and musician, and definitely leads us to hope there is a full length album on its way soon.

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