'Breaking Pointe' recap - 'Love or Ballet'

As the production of their show Cinderella gets closer, most of the dancers at Ballet West are working to the bone, while others are still showing disappointment over the roles they were casted. Adam, the artistic director of the company, is relieved that casting week is over but knows that it’s crunch time for the dancers with only three weeks left until the show.

While the dancers continue rehearsing their different roles, Ian and Zach feel even more competitive towards each other as the decision of who will be invited to dance in the company comes closer. They truly believe that they are each other’s biggest competition in Ballet West II.

Adam calls in Rex to talk about how he wants to cast him the role of the Prince, but is concerned that Rex is still bouncing back from his injury and does not want to push him so he permanently hurts his foot. Rex says that he wants the role so badly that he is willing to sacrifice healing fully in order to do it.

The next day, Rex sees on the casting sheet that he is officially cast as the Prince. Although he is elated, he is still nervous about his injury but hopes he will feel fully healed by opening week of the show.

As Christiana and Rex rehearse Cinderella and the Prince with Wendy, Christiana feels a lot of pressure to be perfect because Wendy is very hard to please. She also has trouble not worrying about other aspects of her life while dancing because her and her husband, Chris Ruud, have been having problems lately. The tension between them has become noticeable to the entire company so they have agreed not to talk during work, but Chris attempts to talk to her anyway and she ignores him.

Ronnie is thrilled to be off his crutches and be able to get back into the gym after his ankle injury, bringing him one step closer to being back in the studio. Him and some of the other men go to a club in the city, where they take shots and flirt with the female dancers there. Josh has never been to a bar scene because of his Christian religion and feels uncomfortable.

Demi-soloist Allison is still torn between moving to Detroit to be with her beloved boyfriend Jonathon, or staying in Salt Lake City and continuing her ballet career with Ballet West. She has her mind made up that she is moving after this season and does not plan on telling Adam yet, but her decision is altered after her contract meeting with Adam.

She gets emotional when he asks her if she still wants to dance because she realizes how much she still loves dance but doesn’t know yet where her life is taking her. Adam breaks the news that he wants to promote her to soloist next season, causing her to get emotional and reconsider her decision completely.

Allison travels to Detroit to visit Jonathon over the three-day weekend to break the news to him. Although he is happy for her, he is still frustrated that they have been in a long-distance relationship for almost eight years and explains that he cannot leave his job. She really wants him to come watch her perform in Cinderella and then see where they go from there. He agrees that he will, but she leaves the trip more confused than she was before.

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