'Breaking Pointe' recap: 'It's Cinderella or Nothing'

Tensions run high at The Ballet West dance company in Salt Lake City as the dancers anxiously await the release of the cast list for their upcoming production of Cinderella. The final casting decisions will be made this week.

The episode begins with Zach, Scott, Beckanne, and Chase still arguing over the recent problems Zach is having with Beckanne and Chase’s relationship. After storming out of the room crying, Zach comes back and explains that he feels him and Chase’s friendship is deteriorating because of Beckanne and he really needs their friendship because of the stress of ballet. They all finally make up and agree to be friends.

Each dancer has their dream role in mind, but in some cases Adam has other plans for them. Josh, a first-year Ballet West member, and Zach, a Ballet West 2 student, both really want the role of Napoleon. Ian, the high-strung perfectionist Ballet West 2 student, wants the role of shoemaker or coachman in hopes that receiving a good part in the show will land him a contract with the company. Allison wants the role of fairy godmother or snow fairy so she can enjoy her last year in the company. Beckanne, who is the only non-principal dancer auditioning for the role of Cinderella, really wants the role but thinks she will not get it because she is the lowest ranked dancer in the audition. Rex, who is auditioning for the role of the prince and partnering with principal dancer Christiana, is still recovering from his foot injury. Adam thinks Rex would be a great candidate for prince but is concerned about pushing him too hard with his injury.

Allison tries to spend as much time with her fellow ballet dancers as possible since it is most likely her last season with the company. She shares her fear to retire and move to Detroit to be with her boyfriend Jonathon, but she is relieved when her friends reassure her that they will support her decision.

Adam decides to create three different casts for the show to assure that his dancers stay healthy and ready to perform. He finally puts the parts up, leaving some dancers thrilled with their role and others extremely disappointed.

Beckanne realizes how much seniority in the company affects roles when she is given the part of Summer Fairy, which she has trouble staying motivated with because she doesn’t find it very challenging. Allison is extremely happy about her role as winter fairy and Zach is thrilled when he receives the part of Napoleon and is not even technically a member of the company. Josh, who thought he would receive Napoleon over Zach, and Ian, a Ballet West 2 dancer, receive the roles of court couples and are disappointed with their roles.

Principal dancer Christiana gets the role of Cinderella, but the role of the prince is left blank. Her partner Rex is confused and disappointed as to why he is not listed with his partner. Adam explains that he would love for Rex to do the part but is leaving it blank for now because he is concerned about him recovering from his injury in time for opening night.
Ian feels like a failure and now worries about getting a job with the company because of what he was casted. Much to the other dancer’s dismay, Ian talks to Chris Ruud about his concerns and Chris tries to reassure him to keep his head up and have a thicker skin.

Josh is upset that Zach, who is not even in the company, got the role over him, so he goes to Adam about his frustrations. Adam tries to explain that Napoleon is a particular character in the show that is a jokester and the butt of many jokes, and he does not want his one African-American dancer in the entire company to be the one who is poked fun at.

This frustrates Josh even more because he wants the audience to look at him for his skill and his heart, not his race. It aggravates him that in the world of ballet, people still haven’t fully gotten past the issue of race.

Adam vows to work on making Ballet West a more diverse company and thinks that Cinderella will be one of the best productions they’ve ever done.

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