'Big Brother' Recap - Season 15, Episode 18

The eighteenth episode of Big Brother picked up where Sunday’s episode left off with GinaMarie nominating with Candice and Jessie for eviction. GinaMarie nominated Candice because she is a “rat” and “tattle-tale.” Candice was appalled and Jessie was bummed out. Amanda and Judd made fun of GinaMarie. GinaMarie convinced Jessie that she was not going home and that she wanted to get rid of Candice instead. She also offered to apologize to Candice for calling her a rat. Amanda is confident that the BB MVP is someone who is in the house. She also said that America would not nominate her because she has gotten rid of all of the mean people in the house (Really Amanda?) Amanda and McCrae have a verbal spat and it is evident that McCrae is over Amanda’s antics and bullying ways (FINALLY!).

Before GinaMarie picked who will compete in the Power of Veto (POV) Competition, everyone found out who is the third nominee for the week. For the second week in a row, America chose Amanda as the third nominee for eviction (YAY!). McCrae was not surprised and Jessie was excited. Along with the nominees, Spencer and Judd were chosen to compete in the POV Competition. GinaMarie chose Aaryn to host the competition. Helen and a nervous Amanda suspected that Judd was the BB MVP for this week. She confronted Judd and he offered to use the POV on Amanda if he won. Amanda then asked Spencer if he would use the POV on her if he wins and he said no. She also walked into the HOH room and asked GinaMarie the same thing to which she replied yes. As a result, an upset Amanda stormed out. After Andy tells McCrae what happened, McCrae confronts Amanda and GinaMarie because Amanda has ruffled so many feathers in the house. Judd tried to comfort Amanda, but she was very upset and convinced that McCrae is campaigning to keep her on the block .

Time for the POV Competition! The competition was called “Frog Darts” and each player had to toss his or her stuffed frog and the person with the highest score will have their prize of choice including the POV. During the competition Amanda starts an argument with Candice and they bicker throughout the entire competition. Everyone was disgusted and rightfully so. At the end of the competition, Candice gets to wear the “Clowny-tard,” Amanda had to get an orange spray tan for 48 hours, GinaMarie had to wear the “Cone of Shame,” Judd gets the $5,000, and Jessie gets the POV.

After the POV Competition, McCrae and Amanda bicker again. He calls her stupid and said the she does not “shut the f**k up” (AMEN!). Aaryn noticed that Elissa and Candice was talking and laughing in the kitchen and she grew suspicious. She then went to GinaMarie about it and told her that Elissa is campaigning to keep Candice in the house. Later, Candice wore her “Clowny-tard,” Amanda got her orange spray tan, and GinaMarie wore the “Cone of Shame.” Helen talked to GinaMarie and tried to convince her to keep Elissa in the house.

Time for the Veto Meeting! During the Veto Meeting, Jessie chose to use the POV on herself. As a result, GinaMarie nominated Spencer in replacement of Jessie. Spencer felt that he is in a decent spot because he is on the block with Candice and Amanda who are both major targets.

Tune in on Thursday at 9pm EST/ 8pm CT for the live double eviction! See you then!

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