ZING Red Velvet Cake Vodka Review

They say you “can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Well, can you drink it too then? If you have Zing’s Red Velvet Cake Vodka then you most certainly can! Now you can indulge in the rich decadent flavor that is Zing’s Red Velvet Cake. Zing’s vodka is four times distilled which thoroughly brings out its smooth body. Your palate will be basking in the delight of vanilla, cocoa and cherry immediately upon consuming. The vodka’s 70 proof rating will give you the right amount of Zing at the end, leaving you wanting more.

The vodka itself catches your palate while the bottle will catch your eye. Zing Vodka is equipped with a unique LED technology at the bottom that lights the bottle up with a flashing or steady red aura with just 1 or 2 clicks of the button. The beautiful hexagon shape of the bottle with chrome accents makes the bottle stand out at any bar, restaurant or household.

With the unique, but delectable flavor of red velvet cake, I knew there were sure to be endless possibilities of cocktail creations. One look on their website at their “Red Velvet ZINGtini” (Birthday Cake Martini) and I knew it had promise. The result did not let down. Being passed the age of birthday parties and presents, this was a sure fire better way to enjoy my special day. I’d like to think that drinking my cake rather than eating it would be easier on the calories, but one can not confirm or deny such case! Either way, this ZINGtini is a sure fire crowd pleaser for anyone celebrating their birthday or just wanting a drink that takes it up a notch from the usual “boring” Martinis.

Red Velvet ZINGtini:

1.5 oz. ZING Red Velvet
1 oz. White Crème de Cacao
1 oz. Heavy Cream (or Half and Half)
.5 oz. White Chocolate Liqueur


Shake all ingredients together and pour into a sprinkle-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with some sprinkles on the top, near the edges. DRINK AND ENJOY!

Overall the ZING Red Velvet Vodka will be a hit for anyone that likes a sweet over the top experience. It makes the perfect Happy Birthday Celebratory Shot or base for the endless possibilities of cocktail mixers. For more information on what ZING Red Velvet Vodka is all about and more recommended cocktail recipes, please visit their website at www.zingvodka.com

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