Rebecca Harrold - ‘The River of Life’

The River of Life is the debut album from pianist and composer Rebecca Harrold. The album is filled with thirteen spiritually charged tracks that embody the sound of “new age” and classical jazz. It is a relaxing and feel good instrumental album that showcases Harrold’s talent.

Harrold is from Cleveland, Ohio, and she spent many years working as a pianist and singer at Playhouse Square. She is a double threat with being talented as a pianist and be a vocal soloist for Faith in Action, a women’s jazz/gospel a cappella group.

The first song on the album is “Photograph” which is an upbeat and soft song that Violinist Charlie Bisharat shines throughout the song. The combination of the violin, piano and guitar is flawless and creates a sweet melody. It is a song that will have you day dreaming with its angelic rhythm. This track is a little piece and teaser of what to expect for the rest of the album.

The next song “We Belong Together” demonstrates Harrold’s talent as her piano riffs open the song. It is a mellow tune that shows off the melding of various instruments. In the song “The River of Life” is a dramatic and cinematic experience. It can be easily added to a movie soundtrack or TV series episode when some revelation is about to be released. The mixture of the piano and violin is flawless yet again and makes you appreciate the sound of jazz.

Through the album there is a consistency of sound graceful and sentimental music. Overall The River of Life was easy to listen to and will put you in a peaceful state of mind.

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