Denise Marsa’s 'Live Forever'

Denise Marsa’s “Live Forever”
By Elaine Alluin

American singer, songwriter, producer and PR/marketing professional Denise Marsa is no stranger to the public eye. Marsa moved to New York in the 1970’s and began her musical career by forming her own band.

Marsa was performing in a club she was approached by Dean Friedman, who invited her to sing a duet with him called "Lucky Stars" which reached success in Great Britain. She continued to perform and sing in New York. Marsa released a solo album, SELF, in 1998.

Marsa established her public relations and marketing business, KeyMedia Group in 1998. She is known to mentor up and coming artists.

Live Forever is Marsa’s second album that has a smooth mellow sound with a hint of country vibe.

Marsa’s music is relatable and holds the so much depth in each lyric. The first song on the album is “Time to Drive” the song is full of imagery and depth. This song leads the same tempo and beat for the rest of the album. Marsa’s has the ability to paint an image and story with each track.

In the single “Live Forever” Marsa expresses her bold views and attitudes towards relationships with the lyrics, “Well I’ve done some things wrong /And I’ve done some things right /And I don’t know why but I’m thinking about them all tonight /I made mistakes that I did not intend /And I’m sorry if I hurt you it was not what I meant.”

The album has a consistent sound of melodious beats. Marsa wrote each song and she pours her heart in the lyrics. Her talent and captivating voice shines through each track.

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