10 little-known facts about Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, the Australian actress with a long resume of films, is probably one of the most private celebrities in existence. Her personal life was on fire when she was married to Tom Cruise (1990-2001), so it is no surprise that she has taken to being under the radar in recent years. As much as she tries, her life is anything but private. The following are the top little-known facts about Kidman.

10. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii
Yes, even the famous Australian actress was not born in her "home country." Nicole was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 20, 1967. Her mother and father were in the states for work and there, her mother coincidentally had Nicole. They did not move back to Australia until Nicole was three years old.

9. Nicole is a music video star
In 2001, Nicole did a music video with British pop-star, Robbie Williams. The song was called, "Somethin' Stupid," and it was a big hit in Britain. The song was originally sung by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, but Williams wanted to put a more modern spin on it. At Christmas, the song topped the charts in the United Kingdom.

8. She is scared of butterflies
We are all scared of something, but butterflies seems silly. Not to Kidman who has said in multiple interviews that she is "terrified" by these small, colorful-winged creatures. he says there is something eerie about them that she just does not like.

7. BMX Bandits was her first major film
As a young actress in Australia, Kidman had to get her foot in the door somewhere. She starred in the 1983 film, BMX Bandits. It is a film about three children who get tangled up with bank robbers after they find walkie talkies with evidence the robbers do not want leaked. She then went on to do her first major television interview to promote the film.

6. Was called "Stalky" while attending high school
There is no doubt Nicole Kidman is tall. One of the tallest actresses in Hollywood. Her height is viewed as beautiful and elegant now, but back when she was a teenager, she got made fun of for her awkward looks and her height. A favorite name the kids had for her was "Stalky," and she often recalls what it was like when they made fun of her puffy, red hair. Who's laughing now?

5. Best friends with Naomi Watts
You wouldn't automatically associate Nicole and Naomi for being best of friends. The truth is, they have been friends since they were teenagers. They met while on an audition for a film and have been inseparable ever since. Ironically, not one, but both of their careers took off and they now reside in the United States with their Hollywood husbands. To prove the strength of their friendship, while Nicole was going through her divorce with Tom Cruise, she moved in with Naomi.

4. She does her own singing and stunts
Yes, it's true, Nicole needs no body or voice double. She prefers to do it all herself, and in 2001 while filming Moulin Rouge! she paid for her urge to do her own stunts. She broke her rib while rehearsing a dance scene in Moulin Rouge! and filming came to a halt until she recuperated. She also does her own singing in the films Moulin Rouge! and Happy Feet.

3. She is an ambassador for UNIFEM
Kidman joined UNIFEM because of her strong belief in women's rights. She has traveled to third-world countries for the organization as a speaker and ambassador. Nicole has a heart for women and children and wants to see something positive being done to promote their protection and freedom. She is so aggressive for the cause that she asked guests at her wedding to Keith Urban to donate to the organization.

2. Tom Cruise discovered her
Everyone always says that you need to be discovered in order to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. Little do most people know, it does not have to be a producer or director who sees you. Tom Cruise saw Nicole in the film Dead Calm, her first major Australian motion picture, and he talked his manager into flying her overseas to co-star with him in Days of Thunder. Little did Nicole know that he was running off pure infatuation, not her talent.

1. She suffered emotional stress after filming
After filming A Portrait of a Lady, Nicole had to take a break from everything. She was suffering from emotional stress because of the demands the role had for her and the abuse she suffered playing the character Isabel. She said it was like she was drained and no one could snap her out of it. She stayed in bed for weeks and slowly recovered. Thus, the pains of being a method actor.

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