We have technological advances in just about every aspect of our lives. With the push of a button we can get information, communicate, even order pizza. Home security, however, seems to be lagging. Alarms and sensors can alert to an intruder's presence, but the locks on your door are still operated with a key - a key that can be lost!

SimpliciKey provides a high-tech solution for low-tech security. With the SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt, you can have security and convenience. There are no keys to fumble with as you get the kids out the door while it rains. Simply press a button and you can secure your home.

The SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt features an innovative industrial design in polished brass, satin nickel and aged bronze to best match your home's decor. Visual and audible alerts indicate when the lock has been engaged or released.

You can also use 3 different modes of entry via: remote control with superior range capability; keypad with sliding cover, up to 16 unique codes and One Touch Lock/Unlock Action; or the Traditional 6-pin Key with Bump-Resistant Keyway and ANSI Grade 2 Certification.

Get the SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt at Costco, Home Depot or at

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