Top 10 Kelly Clarkson Breakup Songs

Kelly Clarkson is America’s first American Idol winner and still one of our absolute favorites. She is known for her songs about independence, female self-empowerment and, more than anything, heartbreak. Clarkson has been deemed by some to be the “Breakup Anthem Queen.” According to an interview with, "I love a feisty song. I like to be sassy. That's usually a breakup song," Clarkson said. "It's really in your face." With this being said, here’s a brief recap of the Top 10 Breakup Songs by Kelly Clarkson.

10. "Don’t Waste Your Time"

The second single from her third album My December, the song describes a girl trying to move away from her past and trying to tell the guy not to try and fix the problem because it hurts too much. This song is great because we’ve all been there. It’s hard to let go but if you keep going back, you’ll never get past it.

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