Top 10 Erotic Viewing Choices for Couples and Women – Starting in the Shallow End…

Wouldn’t it be great if there were mainstream movies and TV that catered to women’s sexual fantasies? Hollywood is still a bucket of KFC chicken about the topics that most interest women (BDSM, hello?), but we’re reading 50 Shades of Grey by the poolside, singing along to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” (and liked it!), and positing important questions like “Why Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why can’t I have both? Threesome, anyone?”

Never fear – there is good stuff available. The problem is finding that content without giving yourself nightmares. For example, put “Top 10 BDSM films” in your URL line and you’ll see where Criminal Minds got more than one of its episode ideas.

Beyond that, most women don’t want to dive into X-rated film right off to explore their interests. We’re just different when it comes to erotica. It’s not propaganda that our biggest erogenous zone is our mind, and the heart is a close second. We need intelligent, likable characters, compelling emotion, AND hot fantasy sex. Yeah, we’re complicated. My husband tells me that all the time.

So here are 10 movies and shows/series to get you started on your journey. These are not exhaustive, of course – they reflect ones I’ve enjoyed for the reasons noted above. Items 1-7 also overlap the edges of mainstream culture, such that a woman can expand her comfort zone, taking things at her own pace. My last several suggestions get closer to the “deep end.” Okay, here we go…

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