Interview with Eric 'Sleepy' Floyd

NBA legend Eric “Sleepy” Floyd had an excellent 13-year career as a point guard playing for the Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs. Floyd is still running coast to coast, but this time he’s doing a variety of projects like being the Brand Ambassador for Comfort Revolution.

The CelebrityCafe’s Jassum Gloster had the opportunity to speak with Floyd about Comfort Revolution, basketball, and some current projects that he’s working on. For the people who aren’t familiar with Comfort Revolution, can you tell us what it is and about some of their products?

Eric Floyd: Sure! Comfort Revolution is an upscale or high end bedding company. Their products range from mattresses to foam pillows. They have signature products like the hyrdaluxe cooling gel pad and bed pillow. Some people get really hot when they sleep at night, and this product will eliminate that issue. The hydraluxe has a layer of memory foam and cooling gel. It’s cooler and adjusts to your body shape during the night. CEO and founder Michael Fux has been in business for a while and created a crate mattress pad in 1986. He was the first to bring it to retail and his goal was to redefine how people felt sleeping. He’s an innovator in the industry.

TCC: What’s the main difference you want to make as Brand Ambassador and how would you go about doing it?

EF: My goals are to create more brand awareness and educate people on how much healthier their lives will be with better sleep. I played in the NBA for 13 years, so I’m using my platform to help people become more aware of Comfort Revolution. I’m playing in the Legends game during NBA All-Star Weekend this February. While I’m there, I’ll be doing television interviews and giving products to current and former NBA players.

TCC: In what way do you plan on building awareness for the people who aren’t so familiar with Comfort Revolution?

EF: We have the product in Macy’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco. I’ll also be going into schools to let kids and everyone else aware of how much healthier good sleep will make you. I will tell the kids if your not sleeping during the night, then you won’t be as effective the next day. This also applies to teachers and people with other occupations. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also important to let people know that we are moving our location to Mississippi. This will help Comfort Revolution be more efficient in getting the product out and it also creates more jobs. It’s a way of giving back to the community. I’m very excited because this will help create more jobs for those who aren’t currently working. I feel any small business that’s helping to create jobs can help the community resurrect. I’ve been on Dr. Oz’s show and he’s also behind our products, he’s given many recommendations.

TCC: What differences could a good night’s rest give people in the future?

EF: Well decision-making will be improved for the next day. There are a lot of health problems that can be helped with better rest. For example, insufficient sleep can be linked to heart problems. Gaining weight can be a consequence of bad sleep. It helps you feel better and live better. Your work will be well improved.

TCC: Now moving to your NBA career, which current player in your opinion resembles your game the most?

EF: Wow, that’s a great question. I would have to say Ray Allen because he can score on the inside and outside. He can shoot better than I can, but his ability to score in multiple ways draws that similarity. J.R. Smith could be another one for the same reason.

TCC: Which team and coach did you experience the most growth with?

EF: I experienced the most growth with the Golden State Warriors because I was new to the league and they gave me my first opportunity to play a lot and expand my game.

TCC: Finally, we know you’re the Brand Ambassador for Comfort Revolution, but what other projects are you currently working on?

EF: I do a lot of charity work and volunteering. I’m in Charlotte putting a shoe drive together for Crisis Ministries. They service a lot of homes and families. I feel that there’s a lack of quality or quantity in men’s shoes, so I try and help with that. The shoe drive is called “Big Feet, Big Heart,” it’s one of our bigger projects. I also work with an organization called the Relatives. I give a lot of time for events and donate money for pancreatic cancer research. I have an event called Sleepy Floyd Fun Day for the Relatives. I’m very excited to be apart of the company that stands behind the call.

Look out for Sleepy Floyd at the Legends game in NBA’s All-Star weekend in Houston. He will be promoting Comfort Revolution as well.

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