Ashton Kutcher to testify about deceased girlfriend's murder

Actor Ashton Kutcher will be testifying in court in the trial of a serial killer who allegedly killed the star’s 22-year-old girlfriend, Ashley Ellerin. Kutcher is expected to recount discovering her body in 2001 after her stabbing.

The 32-year-old actor has revealed to authorities in a statement that he was supposed to meet his girlfriend early in the evening, but refused to, and arrived at her home at 10:45pm to find the lights out and her car parked outside, despite Ellerin not answering the door. Kutcher told the police that he looked through a window to see what he believed to be a pool of red wine—in reality it was a pool of blood in which Ellerin was lying after being stabbed 35 times. Kutcher then went home believing his girlfriend was upset.

Michael Garguilo, an air conditioning repair man, is on trial for the alleged murders of three women and an attempted murder of Michelle Murphy, who survived his attack.

Source: Sun

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