Sheryl Crow, nine time Grammy Award winner and breast cancer survivor speaks out

Sheryl Crow explains the importance of mammograms in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sheryl Crow has a lot on her plate.  She is completing an exciting new album in which she collaborates with some giants of music, she is a mom of two active little boys and still makes time to remind people of the importance of making breast cancer screenings a priority.

Sheryl told us her story of how she survived breast cancer, which was first diagnosed in 2006 and has been cancer-free for many years.  Something that Sheryl has in common with many women is dense breasts.  Hologic recently put out a survey and discovered that only one-third of women were aware that breast density impacts their risk of developing breast cancer.

"Early detection is our best weapon," said Sheryl Crow. "We know that the risk factors go up with women who have dense breasts, which is the kind of breasts I have," she added.

While family history sometimes plays a part in a person's development of breast cancer, breast density also impacts the likelihood of getting this disease.  Also, women with dense breasts have a more difficult time with screenings as dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram—the same color as cancer.

Hologic developed the Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam a more powerful machine that is essential when dealing with people with dense breasts that shows photos of the breasts like slivers, core like a CAT scan that gives doctors so much more information to work with.

"It is the finest in technology," said Crow.


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"Learn as much as you can by going to  It is great not only for women with dense breasts, but it also gives you a more accurate read and it is the finest in technology," said Crow.  "For my story, early detection was tantamount."

In addition to encouraging women to get their annual exam, Sheryl also spoke about her work and personal life.  Her new record is due to come out in the spring and what make sit so special is the star power of the people who are joining her on this project including Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Keith Richards, Willie Nelson and more.

"I'm really proud of it and think it will be my last album," said Crow.

Don't panic.  I originally did too.

She added, "I'm not sure if people listen to albums anymore from top to bottom.   So, putting out songs is more interesting to me at this point anymore of my career. I will always make music, but I just don't know if I will ever put out a fully realized artistic statement that we used to call albums."

Sheryl Crow was joined by Dr. DaCarla Albright OB-GYB to chat with Michelle Tompkins for The Celebrity Cafe to discuss her life, work, her struggles with breast cancer, what are dense breasts, why yearly mammogram screenings are so important, why the Genius #D by Hologic is the best of its kind on the market, what is, how her health issues impacted her music, what she likes to do for fun with her family and more.

Check out this fun and informative interview here:

Sheryl Crow can be found here and learn more about the Genius 3D Near Me here.

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