Mah-Ze-Tar releases new fusion single, 'Liquid Lotus'

Mah-Ze-Tar , liquid lotus

A devotee of music, Maz Karandish is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who covers the genres that range from Raga, Maqam, and Dastgah to Harmony, Jazz and Opera.

For his fusion project, Mah-Ze-Tar, the compositions off his latest album, Liquid Lotus, has Karandish singing in Hindi, Farsi and English.

Versatile in multiple world instruments, on the brand-new record, Karandish plays the Sitar, Oud, Turkish Saz, Dilruba and Bansuri.

The title track to Karandish’s new album starts off with the moving sounds of the sitar that sets the stage for the evocative music and vocals. The visuals and audio experience together will give you a transcending experience.

The moving soundscapes on the sitar will captivate audiences.  The singing, a mix of English, Hindi, and Farsi blends into a sensual rhythmic pulse.

The evocative music is greatly inspiring and is a great mystical listening experience filled with traditional impulses and electronic embellishments with a modern twist.

The beautiful music is synced with captivating visuals.  The music will put you in a contemplative mood and is something worthwhile to meditate to.

The artist hopes that with this album will delve into a deeper connection with non-traditional listeners of fusion music and hopes to incite interest in audiences of a newer generation to tune into music with more traditional flair.

This is unique music previously unheard of before.  With a magical International flair, surrender yourself to the stirring rhythms and trance-like propulsions on this epic blend of tradition and technology with a modern twist.

About the lead single, the artist says:  “Liquid Lotus soars through a plethora of musical traditions together in a meaningful way.  There are endless possibilities when one utilizes world instruments and gliding vocals in sync with electronic textures and grooves.  Liquid Lotus uniquely fuses these elements together to create a sound completely unique and unheard of before.”

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