'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' recap: 'Forbidden Fruit'

American Horror Story

Well. That was unexpected.

The newest episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, entitled “Forbidden Fruit,” features a scene in which Michael Langdon does a sacred, bloody ritual to the devil and that’s still only, like, the fifth weirdest thing that happens.

That ritual happens after Langdon gets the chance to interview all of Venable’s guests, as he’s making his decisions on who gets to who gets to join him in remaking the world.

Most of the interviews go how one might expect an interview with a demon to go (there’s an interesting revelation in which we learn Langdon and Dinah knew each other before the apocalypse), there’s one that takes a strange, unexpected turn.

Langdon is in the middle of questioning Mallory about her deepest and darkest secrets when Mallory decides she wants to leave. Langdon tries to stop her, but he’s taken aback when Mallory yells “Let me go!” and the entire room erupts into flames.

American Horror Story
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Neither of them knows what to make of this encounter, but one thing is for certain — Mallory ain’t normal.

Neither is Mead, as we learned in the previous episode. She’s trying to learn how to accept the fact that she’s actually an android, sorting through past memories in a Blade Runner 2049 or Westworld kind of fashion. She’s rather confused about what his purpose is now, but she does know one thing: she’s here to serve Venable.

Which is why Mead is willing to go along with Venable’s new plot to kill every single one of their guests.

Given that Langdon told Venable she won’t be joining him in the new world, she’s now looking for a way to stack the deck in her favor. What better way that to kill everyone in this underground bunker (including Langdon), steal Langdon’s laptop and then head to the shelter by herself?

American Horror Story
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And, just her luck, she’s thought up the perfect way to do it.

Another horse-drawn carriage has found its way to the bunker, carrying nothing but a sealed box. Inside are some of the freshest, reddest apples has everyone seen — and they’re all perfectly safe to eat.

Or they were, until Venable injected snake venom into all of them, believing that will be the easiest way to kill everyone at the same time. She then announces that they will be hosting a Halloween masquerade later that evening, which everyone is required to attend.

What Venable didn’t know is that the box wasn’t the only thing on that horse-drawn carriage. Hiding beneath the carriage itself is Coco’s long-lost flame, Brock. He may be missing half his hair and suffering from all kinds of diseases, but he survived the nuclear explosion and now is looking for his other half.

American Horror Story
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He manages to find her, too. Brock dresses up in very American Horror Story-styled robes so that he’s unrecognizable, then approaching Coco at the party. Coco naturally assumes it’s Langdon in the robes and starts coming on to him, telling him that she’ll do whatever it takes to get a spot in the new world.

They disappear into a bedroom to get busy, when Brock makes his reveal. It’s not a happy reunion either. Brock’s apparently still pretty mad that Coco left him during the American Horror Story season premiere, as he proceeds to stab her right in the head.

Which would be pretty shocking in it of itself, except she’s not the only one who dies.

American Horror Story
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Venable’s plan to poison all her guests, surprisingly, works to perfection. Everyone eats the apples, then “treating” us to a two-minute montage of everyone puking, rolling around and eventually dying.

Mead and Venable then make their way to Langdon’s room, who didn’t attend the party, ready to the finish the job.

Of course, that doesn’t work out for them so well, either. Turns out, Mead isn’t actually loyal to Venable, but was sent here by Langdon himself. Langdon forces Mead to turn the gun pointed at him towards Venable and fire, instantly killing her too.

Not many people make it out alive in this American Horror Story episode, if you didn’t notice.

American Horror Story
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We don’t end quite there yet. Given that pretty much every character we’ve come to know over the past three episodes, it’s time to bring some new faces into the mix.

Enter the American Horror Story: Coven crossover.

Cordelia Goode (Paulson), Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) all arrive at the compound wearing their coven hoods, ready to do business.

Upon entering, Cordelia tells the other two to “find our sisters,” which leads to Coco, Mallory and Dinah being dragged out of the vomit-filled room. Cordelia then speaks some magic room, causing all decreased three women to sit up. Madison slyly walks over, crouches in front of Mallory and delivers some pretty chilling words to close out the episode:

“Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

American Horror Story
credit: YouTube

We knew it was only a matter of time before the American Horror Story: Coven witches found their way into Apocalypse, but the question is now what it all means. There are no answers yet, of course, as Ryan Murphy lives to keep us in the dark, but theories are flying out left and right.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more during tonight’s American Horror Story episode on FX. To read more of our American Horror Story recaps, click here.

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