Amaris' 'Neon Colors' is a sure-fire must-listen for EDM and R&B followers

'Neon Colors' Album Cover, Amaris

Born in 1991, Amaris Wenceslas is a Swiss multi-medium artist who delves into producing, singing, writing and acting.  At the helm of Amaris, an effort where she is the singer and producer and EDM project Geiko, the first album to the endeavor to which was released in 2014, Amaris released two new albums to both projects simultaneously:  The Hollow, a new Geiko album, along with Neon Colors, underneath the Amaris banner, in 2017.

Amaris’ Neon Colors opens up with “Deep Into Space” that comes across with its deep-treading atmospheric vibe.  Amaris’ enigmatic vocals go on to fill the track that is booming with a big bluesy appeal.  The great pop cadence is accompanied by the lone sound of the piano, joined in by an electronic backbeat.  The heartfelt, emotional song is paved by thoughtful lyrics and accompanied by the sounds of lush and elegant strings, giving a symphonic pull to the mysterious track.

“Unsigned” starts out with some jazzed out electronic rhythms and a great electric backbeat.  Soaring synths goes on to encompass the track with a happening pop and dance vibe.

“Critical Orbit” is filled with ambient synths and a hushed sensibility that is ill-contained in this pop and EDM track.  The grinding electronic backbeat makes for an enigmatic sound and embedded within the electronic pulse is a sizzling beat with Amaris’ mysterious vocals that echo in an oscillating manner throughout this dark and haunting song.

“Bassline” opens up with some great pop sensibilities as Amaris coos about moving rhythms on the bassline as a lover has caught her full attention.  An electric electronic beat sounds off of an upbeat and catchy vibe.  The cadence will put listeners in motion with its energizing backbeat and distinct sound.

“You Don’t Know My Heart” has some ambient and soaring synths that fill the track with a reverberating electronic beat and drumming rhythms that encase this song as Amaris buckles down on a past love, freeing herself from its restraints.  On the electric electronic backbeat, Amaris goes on to do a rap sequence towards the end of the track.

“Alien Games” has a pulsing electronic sound with a sonically invigorating cadence.  A great R&B vibe is embedded in the track with a soulful, carrying sound.  With a deep-treading electronic vibe, the dark electronic layers definitely give off a haunting and engrossing vibe.

“Swim On” is filled with a pulsating with a rhythm-heavy bassline with Amaris’ R&B vocals surfacing on the backdrop of the loud bass, making for an atmospheric and ambient sound.  Amaris’ bluesy vocals will caress listeners’ delighted eardrums for an enigmatic listening experience.

“Fever” has an upbeat electronic beat clock full of an EDM and pop cadence with warbling synthesizers, filling the electric layers of this soundscape.

“Lonely Fighter” is paved with ambient synths that are accompanied by the melodic sounds of keys that are later joined in by Amaris’ soaring vocals.  Filled with a melancholy cadence and a haunting sound, a great R&B vibe underlines the electronic backbeat and rhythmic bassline.

“Tough Love” has a dark sound with a grinding electronic beat.  Out from beneath the music erupts some ambient and soaring synths.  Contained within the R&B song is a happening pop sound that will really hook you with its soulful vibe, alluring sounds, and big bluesy connotations.

The closer is the title-track, “Neon Colors” that has a blazing R&B vibe with soaring cadences coming from the melodic sound that will right away engulf you with its pop and R&B stance.

With a great bluesy singing voice paired with an electronic music vibe on Neon Colors makes Amaris an EDM stronghold.  Amaris’ latest offering oscillates between a full-blown bluesy vibe with Amaris soulful vocals and an electronica sound. The passionate artist’s unique singing and sound dives into dark electronic layers that wraps listeners into its enmeshed folds of R&B and blues undertakings.  Sweeping and enigmatic, listeners will enjoy a deeper sound with Amaris’ R&B vocals accompanied with an EDM vibe.

Get lost in Amaris’ full sound, brimming with a pop sensibility, soulful R&B vibe, and filled with stripped down layered electronic beats.

Be carried away by Amaris’ R&B singing that will paint you a distinct picture of love-lore satellites and the allure of lovers in this dynamite sound.

Amaris’ latest album, Neon Colors, highlights a stunning and ground-breaking compilation that is a sure-fire must-listen for EDM and R&B followers everywhere.

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