‘Get Out’ is a refreshing take on the horror genre [REVIEW]

Horror genre redefined.

Jordan Peele knocked it out of the park with his directorial debut Get Out. Peele is famous for his comedy sketch show Key & Peele and he is certainly showing off his writing and directing skills from this film.

This film does an excellent job of blending genres, feeling like a horror film mixed in with a mystery thriller with a side of comedy. The opening of the film brings you right and creates the tension as we witness a black man being abducted in the suburbs. The tension slowly builds as we follow the main plot of the film which follows a young black man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who goes with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her family after dating for almost six months.

The racial tension slowly builds throughout their travels and they finally arrive at Rose’s parents' house. Rose’s parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) are very welcoming but make subtle hints at the fact that they are an interracial couple. Chris always his guard up, especially when he meets their maid and groundskeeper. The behavior of both of them is very odd and causes Chris to be very aware of his surroundings.

One of my favorite scenes of the movie is a very intense scene that happens when Chris is having a restless first night. He quickly notices the strange behavior from the maid and the groundskeeper. It gets even more intense when he meets with Missy (Rose’s mom) and they have a very intense and emotional scene where she talks to Chris about his mother’s death. It is also the first time we are introduced to “The Sunken Place.” The idea of being completely paralyzed and having no control over your body. This is a recurring idea that lasts throughout the entire movie.

The acting in the movie is excellent and the tension really lasts from the opening scene and it doesn’t really let you go even as the film comes to an end. Chris slowly begins to realize his surroundings and the horror when he realizes what the family has in store for him. The tension the film builds throughout the first half becomes unhinged during the second act as Chris is fighting for his life to try and avoid becoming lost in “The Sunken Place.”

I would say Get Out is one of the better movies of 2017. I think that this film has set a new standard for the horror/thriller genre. I do find it interesting that it has been nominated for several Golden Globes under the comedy section. It does have some funny moments and one really funny character but I’m not sure that I would label this film a comedy.

I would definitely recommend viewing Get Out and I am very anxious to see some more work out from Jordan Peele, who I think delivered a stellar directorial debut.

I also would like to see Get Out receive some awards. The mix of tension throughout the film, as well as some cliched moments, mixed in with some unexpected twists and shocking moments really make Get Out one of the better horror movies I have seen in recent memory.

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